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Mitch Garber Presents: The Lawyer as Entrepreneur

Mitch Garber : The Lawyer as Entrepreneur

The MBLA, in conjuncture with the Law & Entrepreneurship class taught by Andrei Molchynsky and Robert La Rosa, hosted successful entrepreneur Mitch Garber on March 26th 2018. As the Co-Chairman of Investment Canada, Chairman of the Cirque du Soleil, and Co-founder of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, he is a proud member of the “Québec Inc.”, proud Montrealer, and proud McGill alumni! Garber gave an inspiring talk on entrepreneurship, and how a law degree is an asset for any business-related career. He offers the following advice to students who are about to begin a career in law:

  • Seek maximum exposure. It is normal to be uncertain what truly interests you so early on. The key is to try as many things as possible.

  • There’s no easy way to success, work hard and become the best at what you do!

  • To achieve that, you will need to work in a field which is a real passion to you.

  • Put yourself out there to grab opportunities that may pass by.

  • Surround yourself with amazing people.

Thank you Mr. Garber for your generosity and inspiring talk!

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